Sunday, November 04, 2018

Nobel economist Stiglitz on Inequality, Climate Change and the (dismal future of) democracy. In c. 2004, I suggested thro my colleague Zaw Oo and thro him Open Society that Stiglitz be included among the Burmese Exile Govt advisors (informal). This resulted in a conference in DC in 2004. In 2012, Stiglitz and my mentor from Rangoon days, Dr Findlay, also at Columbia Univ. went to Burma, but no one even asked if I wished to go. Stiglitz said that the Burmese Govt/junta "deleted all his remarks about politics." For the record, before I suggested his name, some of the Burmese in the Exile Gov. had never heard of him. So it goes. Now we have a version of Putin's Russia with oligarchs and Xi's China with similar rich persons, only on Burma they are called cronies. 11-4-2018