Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Burma Activists -- Don't forget these important links --


Two important documents from Dec. 7th 2008 have been leaked to the Democratic Opposition.

Since May and Cyclone Nargis, the number of leaks has increased significantly.

One is a report of the Russian Ambassador to Burma going to meet the Burmese Foreign Minister Nyan Win.

The other is a report from Kyaw Tint Swe, the Burma Permanent Rep. to the UN in NY to his superiors in Rangoon.

The Russian Ambassador expressed his interest in Russian tourism in Burma and for Russian companies to do business in extracting Burmese resources and Burmese minerals.

These documents say that

i. They would like to keep the Free Suu Kyi and other political issues separate from Mr. Gambari's visits.

ii. They also want to keep Mr. Gambari's and Mr. Ban Ki-moon's visits "separate."

iii. They know that the western nations led by USA and UK are campaigning vigorously for UN to be more effective.

So, Burma Activists -- why should UN reps. go to Burma except to pressure for Democratic Transition and to Free Suu Kyi and others?

So, do keep the pressure up and don't let the junta compartmentalize. Be unified in approach.