Saturday, December 20, 2008

Owed to the press -- poem by Richard Lawson -- posted with his permission --

Owed to the Press

Want to lie without redress?
Get a nice job in the press!
If you're regularly pissed
You could be a journalist.
If you like to cast ordure
You could be an interviewer.
If your thing is smearing poo
Broadcaster's the job for you.
If you'd like to be a Nazi
You can join the paparazzi
If you think we do not need yer
Go and sign on with the media.

Don't let them fool you all the way -
Make April First your No News Day!

Copyright Richard Lawson. More poetry from Richard Lawson at

Which of us in the Burmese Democracy Movement haven't been batted around by (especially the Burmese language)media, but also certain hard talkers, who should be hard talking the junta, not us. I think this poem captures it all.

Kyi May Kaung.