Thursday, November 09, 2017

Ref. mass headlines below

I don't have the time to post individual articles' links. If I post them en bloc as below, the links are always broken. Therefore if you are interested, move yr fingers a wee bit and Google each headline on your own, or Google "When will trump be indicted?" on yr own and Google will do the rest. A relative in Burma just said my Facebook had a lot of fans in Burma, why don't I put it up again, but I won't. Also, this blog ALWAYS had more readership in its more than 10 year history than my FB and Twitter combined. The ads too were just money down the drain, "a gift" to Zuckerberg under false pretenses, since they did not, do not guarantee results. Just "exposure",but people who have spent 10s of 1000s on ads, have sued FB--hit counts are different when checked independently. Lucky I do not have money to spend. I reactivated Twitter at beginning of yr as it is good for pol. news. Besides, and that's why trmp likes it apparently, no one can argue back this and that, like the Cambodian Khmer Rouge Angka, "Don't argue back this and that" just obey orders and go to your deaths like dumb ducks-- and I did need a black board or white board after I took down FB. Also, now it's revealed they took Russian money for ads that attacked Clinton and stole the election, probably. Anyway, in my life I don't believe in circling back. I am the sotappana (in Burmese thawtapan) who does not return to previous existences, what for. As humans and as Buddhists we are looking for relief or release and as Salman Rushdie said, "Things once thought cannot be unthought." Now Daylight Saving Time, summer time has ended. I was resting since Sunday, so I did not "fall back" on my clocks until this morning when I noticed it was still very dark at 6.30 AM, so I changed it to 5.30 I can later check with the master clock at the US Observatory. But I need not worry, after Christmas and the Winter Solstice, days will lengthen again in the Nn Hemisphere. I have a friend who was born on the shortest day or longest night of the year, but since in adulthood she loved to Australia and now Tasmania, she celebrates her birthday on the longest day and shortest night of summer. Now my current worry is I can't find a lace piece and some Thai handwoven pieces which I intended to sew up. Maybe they were stolen. I have a lot of lost items and people along the way, including people I was fond of who died, and one country that I did not like, but in the end, nothing will matter. I will be gone from it all. kmk 11-9-2017