Wednesday, January 31, 2018

SOTU is unrecognizable It's like he was talking boringly about some distant la la land. I did not listen to it all. But stuff on immigration was scary, as well as not true (non-factual) But all the Repubs stood up and called, and he clapped himself and called for more clapping. You wonder. He must have got the clap. What he said had nothing to do with what he has actually done and not done for the last year. He's just giving himself another "excellent" unreal job recommendation, and people like DeVos and Mnuchin clap and clap. Small footnote, Melania arrived separately. Brian Williams said "It is germane to what's happening," ie rumors of M sleeping at T? Hotel 3 times a week since Stormy Daniels news broke. what a shambles of a so-called presidency. 1-31-2018