Saturday, June 15, 2019

A Plan for Democracy and Development in Burma--by Dr Kyi May Kaung --2008-9

I was commissioned to write this, with input from Janelle Saffin, Burma Lawyers Assoc., Dr Sean Turnell, Dr Nancy Hudson Rodd and others.

The Plan is in the Appendix at the back of this book.

It's a good "blueprint" to compare with what is actually happening in Burma right now.

--the Plan is not in the online sample, so you will have to buy a copy.

I don't have any review copies to give away.

It was on the NCGUB (National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma--The Burmese Democratic Govt in Exile) website, but as NCGUB was disbanded in 2012, I thought rather than have it disappear in cyberspace, it would be better to publish it somewhere.

If there is enough interest I will publish it as a stand alone pamphlet.

Just let me know.


The Sculpture is called End Game, is carved of padauk, a Burmese hardwood, and was give to my by sculptor Mark Behme.

Photo by KM Kaung