Friday, January 01, 2021

2021--stay safe and alive--Covid--market transmissions

Buy more, go less often.

Buy more online, have delivered, sanitize packages at once.

Safe time is no longer 3 days but 29 for virus to survive on packages.

Have a sanitation station near door where you always leave and enter home and separate area for packages to "age" bf you open them--

if you need contents right away, wear gloves and mask and wipe bottoms, tops and sides of milk bottles, meat packages, wash vegetables and fruits.

Do this yourself, rather then relegate to children--teach children how to do it, don't rush, do it carefully.

I haven't even gone to Whole Foods wh is only a block away since this current worst surge started.

Wear socks or indoor slippers in house.

Leave outdoor shoes at entrance or garage.

Your mission this year is to keep your loved ones and yourself safe and alive.

FYI, trump admin turned over vaccine administering to states and local authorities, only managed 2 m, far short of 20 m they hooted abt.

Mar a Lago guests paid $1000 per plate for New Year's Eve party, trump and missus did not show, no one wore masks.

You truly can't make this sh** up.