Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Kale-Tamu Highway--where fighting is going on at present. Pl forward, it might be useful for refugees fleeing to India.

The strategic road between India and Myanmar, built with assistance from the Government of India, is the 165 kilometres (103 mi) Tamu–Kalay road. The Border Roads Organization, a parastatal organization of the Government of India, started construction of this road in 1997, which was opened by the Foreign Minister of India in 2001. This road has facilitated trans-border movement between India and Myanmar.[2] Apart from this road, the town is well connected by a network of roads with Kalay, Gangaw, Monywa, Yagyi and Mandalay. The important road route during the rainy season is the Kalay-Gangaw-Monywa-Mandalay road and during winter it is the Kalay-Myoma-Yagyi-Monywa-Mandalay Route.[1]

Rail services also operate between Kalay and Gangaw. This line passes through the Pountaung Pounyar Tunnel.[1]

Inland water transport is also available up to Kalaywa, which is 24 kilometres (15 mi)short of Kalay. On this route, Morlike, Homalin, Khunte, Mingin and Monywar are also accessible.[1]

There is an airport at Kalay, an extension of a British-built Second World War airstrip that was used to ferry troops and supplies into Myanmar during the British reconquest of Myanmar in 1945. The airport is located in the middle of the town. Myanmar National Airlines, Air Bagan, Air Mandalay and Air KBZ operate regular air services to and from Yangon, Mandalay and Kalaymyo.[1][6] The airport is at an elevation of 499 feet (152 m); it has a 79 metres (259 ft) wide and 1,677 metres (5,502 ft) long runway with blacktopped surface.[10][11]



Former head of Mynmar Covid 19 roll out charged with high treason, arrested with husband, son and dog.

https://myanmar-now.org/en/news/former-head-of-covid-19-vaccine-rollout-charged-with-high-treason @POTUS @VP @WHO @jrpsaki @amnesty