Thursday, April 09, 2009

Free courses on line at Massachusetts Institute of Technology --

from Generation 88 email.

RE: MIT course on line
Free University Courses from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).
If you ever wanted to study anything in college, visit this website. Almost every course taught at MIT is available online for free to the public. You can't get a degree with these courses and you won't have access to the instructors, but the vast amount of knowledge is amazing. These are the actual courses taught at the University.. .Architecture, Math, Engineering, Literature, Business Management, hundreds more. They even have older courses archived. All the course study materials, course outlines, etc. edu/OcwWe b/web/home/home/ index.htm
Sloan School of Management(at MIT) offers courses in: Accounting, Communication, Finance, Health Care Management, Information Technologies, International Management, Law, Leadership Marketing,
Operations Management,Technolo gy,Innovation and Entrepreneurship, more.
These ARE the same courses that you would get at the University, except you don't get credit or have access to the instructors. Don't sell these short, you get:
Course syllabi typically contain information such as the course description and objectives, as well as textbooks used in the course, a calendar of lectures and homework, collaboration guidelines, and grading criteria.
Lecture Notes
Lecture notes are the backbone of MIT OpenCourseWare and are extremely popular with visitors. They provide an excellent opportunity for reviewing material while providing alternate explanations of concepts. About 80% of OCW courses include lecture notes.
Many OCW courses provide complete, detailed problem sets and solutions. About 93% of OCW courses include assignments.
Exams and solutions allow users to test their knowledge. They provide educators with a rich source of materials to use in their own classrooms. Almost 60% of courses on OCW with exams have them published on the site, and almost half of these feature solutions.
Audio and Video Lectures
Some courses contain full or exemplary audio and video lectures. These lectures provide a glimpse into MIT classrooms, and are some of the most popular features of OCW.
1800 Courses Available
Courses by Department
* Aeronautics and Astronautics
* Anthropology
* Architecture
* Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation
* Biological Engineering
* Biology
* Brain and Cognitive Sciences
* Chemical Engineering
* Chemistry
* Civil and Environmental Engineering
* Comparative Media Studies
* Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
* Economics
* Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
* Engineering Systems Division
* Experimental Study Group
* Foreign Languages and Literatures
* Health Sciences and Technology
* History
* Linguistics and Philosophy
* Literature
* Materials Science and Engineering
* Mathematics
* Mechanical Engineering
* Media Arts and Sciences
* Music and Theater Arts
* Nuclear Science and Engineering
* Physics
* Political Science
* Science, Technology, and Society
* Sloan School of Management
* Special Programs
* Urban Studies and Planning
* Women's and Gender Studies
* Writing and Humanistic Studies
You can even take individual languages, Spanish, French, Chinese, others
MIT OpenCourseWare has formally partnered with four organizations that are translating OCW course materials into Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Thai.
120 New Courses click on NEW COURSES on upper left side to see the new offerings