Friday, November 13, 2009

From guest commentator James O'Brien --

re. Irrawaddy article on Burma by Aung Zaw "Climate change in Burma."

We have to be very careful with this, and keep close watch.

Most of the exile groups or personalities are also jumping on the engagement band wagon or gravy train for funding, even for free trips.

Aung San Suu Kyi has been isolated from the world for quite some time, so has the NLD to some extent.

She has asked to see the Sr. Gen. but meanwhile Gen. Than Shwe is going for lessons to Sri Lanka (maybe he wants to learn how they eliminated the Tamil Tigers)

He's saying certain neocolonialists (read western governments) are pressuring Burma.

"Burmese people" is a code word, but it is not equivalent to "the SPDC."

Suu Kyi too may give away too much politically because of course she is negotiating from a position of weakness, not strength. She also is in the end game, cornered and with few moves left and all her chess pieces taken away and imprisoned.

It's a great tragedy to be alive to see all this in Burma.

Pro-trade, anti-sanctions people are jumping for joy.

James O'Brien