Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kyi May Kaung's painting - Shan Black Belt Saves the World, or Running Leap, on display at Space 7-10, Silver Spring, MD

Painting and photo copyright Kyi May Kaung.

My painting Shan Black Belt Saves the World or Running Leap is on exhibit at Space 7-10, Kefa Cafe, 963 Bonifant St., Silver Spring MD as part of the Alumni Potluck Show.

No opening reception is scheduled, but if you wish to come down there, I may be able to come too.

Check times at the link above.

I am available for interviews via phone or at Kefa.

Please email me or leave message on this blog or at Kefa

with "interview request" in subject line.

We can talk about?

What is Shan?

Is there really a "civilian government" in Burma right now?

Why is the world falling? What does this painting mean?

How to be an artist when stocks are falling in a recession.

How I conceived of this painting -

How to forge your own individual style, etc.

Kyi May Kaung.

Note - images from my previous show in 2009 "Mostly Burmese Monks" is on the Kefa Blog, in the video about Kefa Cafe on the right.