Thursday, February 23, 2012

Found on Facebook - How to get away with murder - step by step guide from Burma junta

"How to get away with murder, a step by step guide book by Naypyidaw regime 1. First hire a PR firm from NY to give your SLORC a kinder softer name SPDC. 2. Be so mean and nasty that when you release a person, or allow UN emergency aid to dying victims of the Cyclone, it is applauded. 3. Who cares about the rest. Because you are working on it. 4. Own a country with natural resources as if it were your stepfather's whorehouse. 5. Sell them to highest bidder after meeting in golden presidential palace. 6. Make sure you and your buddies make more money this way. 7. Use flattery and stroke bloated egos and delusional patriotism. 8. Bring along locals to run your show but not to have control over it. 9. Allow former enemies of your state, or whorehouse, to come back and bring their foreign development funds to make them feel better and make you look good. 10. Some of them might even pimp for you: They will repeat how open your regime is, or there is nothing to complain, or there is ground for "cautious optimism" while the minorities are slaughtered. 11. Allow some wealthy to give charity to humanitarian causes because you do not have enough money to support the citizens of Burma, what with all the private things you and your families need. 12. Make sure that all the past is forgotten and ensure that your constitution makes this possible. 13. Just move on to a better place, and leave the population with massive foreign debt by the tune of billions. 14. And hold by-elections, throw crumbs at the desperate opposition and let the West have the bones."
Datura - a flower poisonous in all its parts - photo Copyright Kyi May Kaung