Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Amazon sent a message that I helped them sell a book -

Amazon sent me a message that my review of Rosamund Bartlett's A Life of Tolstoy, helped them sell a copy.
I never even knew they did this until last month, when my friend told me as we were having dinner of two appetizers each at a French restaurant, that she had received a similar message for her review of my novella Black Rice.

So it's worth it to read books, get your grey matter cracking and help sell books, one or some of which might be your own.

By the way, my eye problems are not related to reading, but may be hereditary, may be due to general systemic health problems - though if the macular degeneration progresses, it may affect my ability to read, or I may have to use other devices, such as special computer screens and audio books. They give classes in coping, so I will deal with those things as they come along, with my doctors' and family members' help.

I always wanted to do pod-casting anyway, and voice recognition software has been around a long time.

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