Thursday, September 12, 2013

Plums -

A painting of the plums that William Carlos Williams might have eaten is in the shares below.  Every year one of my friends makes beautiful cakes studded with seeded half plums when the black plums are out.  I ate one bag of plums about 3 weeks ago.  They were delicious, with a tough black/purple skin and red soft sweet inside flesh. 
The trick is to squeeze the plums through the plastic bag and buy the soft ones.
As they are soft, they are also on sale and are not like the hard crisp ones that remind me of silicon, not that I have ever tasted silicon.

"I have eaten the plums -- "
William Carlos Williams -
I won the William Carlos Williams Award of the Academy of American Poets in 1993 through the Department of English at the Univ University of Pennsylvania for my first five poems. My student health counselor suggested I send them in, after I found an article about Ann Sexton in a magazine in her waiting room.

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