Friday, August 28, 2015

Quote from movie No Escape wiki--

From movie No Escape wiki--

The film was approved for release in Thailand after the film-makers agreed not to identify the country where it was filmed or to portray it negatively. Co-writer Drew Dowdle says, "'We worked very closely with the Thai government and there were a lot of things they wanted us to shy away from....So although the film shows a coup breaking out in a South-east Asian city, never specified the country. We were very careful not to make it Thailand in the movie, so there was no Thai language used'", said Drew. "'None of the signage is Thai and most of the language that the native population is speaking is a combination of Laotian, hill-tribe languages and other languages.'"

The film-makers were also instructed not to use images of the Thai monarchy and to "'never show the king or the colour yellow because that's the colour of the king'". John Dowdle, who directed the movie, says they were also told "'no Buddhas....don't do anything bad in front of a Buddha.'"[12]

After trailers for the film were released a social uproar occurred in Cambodia over the use of upside down Khmer lettering on the police shields. The Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts has since prohibited the film from being shown in Cambodia.