Sunday, March 22, 2009

Burma-Bangladesh border fence will not "save the Rohingyas."

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With the fencing of the border of Area of Burma with Bangladesh, the Arakan State will become a terrible concentration camp for the Rohingyas. The Rohingyas will die more in this big Jail as there will not able to go out easily even after bribing the Na Sa Ka. Moreover the Na SA Ka, the boarder Security Force of SPDC will get more access to make funds through various checkposts. The SPDC soldiers will organize more forced laborers on the backs of Rohingyas and Rakhaines in confronting with the insurgents of Rohingyas and Rakhiens. The Military Commanders will accumulate more funds from the resources of Arakan State that are smuggled to Bangladesh. Human right activists from all over the world, those willing to visit Arakan will be denied their easy entry. The relations between Burma and Bangladesh will further deterioriate on the issues of unsolved maritime and land boundaries and Bangladesh will not materialise the already agreed an establishing Arakan Road from the Cox's Bazar District of Bangladesh to Maungdaw Township of Arakan state.

But the Arakan State will be more focus(ed)in the eyes of the International Community. In this case the already Stationed UN agencies like UNHCR and UNDP shall be more active to safeguard the oppressed Rohingyas of Arakan.

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--- On Sat, 3/21/09, Rohingya Concern International wrote:

Border fence is not a solution to Save the Rohingyas!

What a foolish idea it is to fence the Burma-Bangladesh border by the SPDC military junta to Save the Rohingyas!
They disregarded even the neighboring brotherly Bangladesh (Burmese Junta uses this phrase all the time in the media) when decided to fence the border!
They think by doing so they can silence the world showing that they care about the suffering Rohingyas not to flee from Arakan which caused the neighboring countries a headache.
This means that the Rohingyas must die at the hands of Burmese Nasaka and military forces without enjoying a way-out to escape the persecutions of the brutal Burmese security forces in Arakan.
The solution is not fencing the border but restoring the Rohingyas citizenship rights and show respect of human rights letting the Rohingyas live as human beings with dignity and honor. The border fence will not deter the Rohingyas whereas seeking life security will compell them to find alternative ways.

The more the SPDC invents new ways to further tighten their grips on Rohingyas to suffocate them the more the situation will be worsened and the world public opinion and the attitudes of ASEAN will go against the Burmese military junta.

So, it is the responsibility of the neighboring countries, ASEAN and UN to seek a durable solution for the suffering Rohingya people in Burma instead of a temporary solution of halting the Rohingyas who are risking their lives through Ocean to find a safe place of shelter..

Recently the exterminating campaign has been accelerated by killing the innocent Rohingyas on fabricated and false accusations.
by Nasaka as reported by the Kaladan Press network

We express our grave concern on the worsening situation of Rohingyas in Arakan and urge the international NGOs and all Govt.s to exert pressure on the SPDC Government to cease all inhuman activities against innocent Rohingya civilians in northern Arakan State.

We also urge the United Nations to send a fact-finding mission to Arakan so as
to bring the real facts happening in Arakan as the SPDC military junta is distorting the reality of the Rohingyas condition compelling them to confes Bengali ethnicity instead of Rohingya identity and ethnicity.

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