Sunday, August 30, 2009

30,000 Kokang Chinese and Burmese refugees flee into China

This is the drug kingpin the Burmese call Pheung Kya Shin --
since 2004 they had a drug deal/ceasefire deal with junta during MI Khin Nyunt's time. In 2004 Khin Nyunt was purged (internal purge), he's now released from house arrest.

Mostly former BCP Burma Communist Party "bakapa" and

before that Nationalist Chinese (Taiwanese) Kuomintang or KMT.

When Deng Xiao Ping started his eco. reforms in PRC in 1978, China stopped supporting the BCP. Communist former brigadier Kyaw Zaw's son and elder daughter are still in Muse(Ruili) and in Kunming, Yunnan Province.

The other daughter Sann Kyaw Zaw is now in Australia. She was in Eco.s Inst. in Rangoon where I also worked and was arrested in 1988. She may have been molested in prison. She was a statistician before, but now has trouble remembering her phone number "because of my time in prison" she said.

I met her in Australia in 2003,

Kyi May Kaung