Sunday, August 16, 2009

Comment left on Irrawaddy website, concerning Jim Webb securing Yettaw's release from Burma

One visit it not likely to achieve much.

Than Shwe would have deported Yettaw anyway, they would not risk having him die on their hands. The sentence of hard labor was to scare people and show who's the master.

The US and the West (as during Nargis) may give up too much and receive very little in return.

SPDC is angling to get sanctions lifted, then it will continue to do what it wants.

We will see.

It's right of dissidents to be wary.

After all, Daw Suu and all the political prisoners are still under arrest.

When international outcry happened, they were going to send Daw Suu back to her house arrest anyway.

In the meantime they let one of their own, Ne Win's daughter, go.

Kyi May Kaung