Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Clearing the book shelf - comment left on Kanlaon blog

You sound like my policy of clearing the floor one square foot at a time - but what is "too much" - I go this way - 1. books I will not part with till the day I die. 2. books to consult now and then - 3. Books I hate and would never touch - don't know why I am keeping them. Start from 3 - ha ha - as we say in Burmese "If it's no good, give it to the monastery" Like chipped plates or mismatched China, like some of the things friends gave me when I came to the USA - But this particular friend, Scallion Shoot, also gave me TWO Coach Bags (new) - a full set of stoneware dishes, and an heirloom piece with bamboo hand-painted on 3 bowls, set in a bamboo container. Kyi