Sunday, December 30, 2012

My comment ref. Matt Damon and fracking movie - on Kanlaon's blog

What a coincidence - I am still mulling over whether I want to see movie Les Miz - quite obvious even in trailer that AH cannot really sing up to Broadway standards - and what would be the point of a musical if the music fails? Paul Simon talking about something else: "Beyond a certain point it isn't even musical." BTW - there's an excellent interview of Matt Damon and the movie about fracking on NPR by Terry Gross. ref. the point about how natural he is on screen, this interview included a quote from the movie and his accent and intonation were just the same as in the interview, only way you knew it was a movie clip was in the different quality of the overall sound. No fancy theatrics for Matt Damon. Kyi May Kaung

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