Monday, January 21, 2013

Comment on writing and publishing -

I scanned through all comments here and majority opt for small presses, which they don't equate with "self-publishing" except for one comment - Small presses have small or non-existent PR/budgets, and one I approached was set up mainly to publish works of founders, I believe - so - bottom line is if you self publish, or publish at all, you yourself MUST do most of the PR, like it or not - In the 90s I met a dedicated and talented writer who got a three book deal with a big advance - 1996 - but she still did most of PR herself - had a top of the line NY agent - and publisher - so - 1996 economy being much different from this present recession, you have to do most of heavy lifting yourself - another friend spent 30,000 of his own money, 1996 $$ - to promote his work in NY etc/travel and it was not a novel but an academic journal - so go figure. Try and learn what is called guerilla marketing (and self promotion) - many good books - Kyi May Kaung