Saturday, January 19, 2013

Young man celeb admits falling in love with fictional creation (hoax) Rather sad don't you think -/ Henry VIII was angry with a portrait artist for bringing him a picture of a woman he did not like at all when he met her "I like her not" - in fact he could not stand her as marriage partner - no chemistry, as we say these days - This was Ann of Cleves./ - strangely she did not get beheaded like the ones he "liked" and bedded -/ this woman managed to negotiate for herself a "sister" position and even got a pension and a house/home - and acted sometimes as a political adviser and sounding board - and died a natural death of old age -/ I would say with Henry's daughter Elizabeth - she was one of the few success stories from that saga - an example of "satisficing" rather than "optimizing" or playing all one's cards and losing./ kmk