Sunday, August 17, 2014

Food enjoyed since last Monday--

Food enjoyed so far since last Monday--
chicken curry with potatoes
eggplant grilled and made into salad Burmese-style.
paratha made from frozen dough.
Chinese egg custards.
2 different kinds of steak, from lesser known but very good cuts.
soy pork with black mushrooms.
white peaches
assorted Chinese pastries, some made with hot dogs and scallions.
Japanese tea.
chai masala
or masala chai
fried frog legs, maybe kept a year in the freezer, but OK.

what I did not buy:  rocky looking mangosteens at $7.99 for maybe 6 pale looking, small ones.  Did not buy, look like bummers.
Very yellow jack fruit, flash frozen, that looked like plastic.
Anyway, I don't like the soft ain pyaw "home soft" variety that is hard to swallow and makes me gag.

I feel I had enough for a while in Bkk of the crisp variety.

--still to make--stuffed fried taro root.

I made this dim sum years ago in Phila. and I had a moment of panic when I could not find my dim sum cookbook, but then I found it.

All set to go.

My uncle and aunt introduced me to this dim sum in Bkk in 1969, on my way to Poland to study economic planning.

What a life.


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