Friday, August 29, 2014

Late August reading from me--Black Rice--

Late August reading from me--
you, or all your children and grandchildren have bought their textbooks and gone back to school--
It's time to get serious as summer ends and fall begins--

what better way than to read my Black Rice--

Black Rice is a Burmese man with very dark skin, almost purple, and almond eyes. What happens when he is captured in an ambush in Burma's delta in 1947, as ethnic strife rages, a year before Burma's Independence from Great Britain? Find out here as K.M. Kaung takes you on a heart stopping journey through life. An intensely flavored pill of a story in 48 pages. A view through oddly made eyes.

"You've got to be taught, to hate and fear, you've got to be taught, from year to year. . . ."

Song lyrics, Rogers and Hammerstein, South Pacific, the Broadway musical.
Black Rice, print edition
Black Rice, Kindle Edition

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