Friday, August 29, 2014

Satyajit Ray's The Apu Trilogy--

Another very famous movie trilogy, The Apu Trilogy.

I heard about it by reading Time Magazine in Burma in the 70s--and oddly enough, with this too, I have seen 2 out of 3, also at the Bourse in Philadelphia.

They are beautiful and very moving--such as the lotus leaves flapping in the wind--the "wet sari" scene that leads to a totally unpredictable outcome--

the two newly weds with their clothes tied together in bed.

The split scenes with the old lady who is always moving in and out, with her rolled up mat, and her running commentary and complaints on life.

Her relatives are almost as poor as she is, but they accept her constant comings and goings with great equanimity.

Come to think of it, U Myo Nyunt and Khin Pwint Oo "Kauk Saik Ma" you will probably like these movies as they show rural life.


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