Friday, January 01, 2016

Dream nightmare of 1-1-2016. Why is Mandalay so big?

A very unusual dream for New Year's Day.

I was 75 inside, but 35 or 55 outside, and as Khine Khine, I was engaged to be married to some rich person in Mandalay.

I went first to the big mansion, which was so vast it had an industrial size elevator.

The elevator had plastic doors, and it kept stopping, during which I saw the illustrious residents.

I stopped or wanted to stop, but my female companion/handler/niece took me upstairs, where I was supposed to get ready for my wedding.

So I did.

I had a white wedding dress that I never had in real life, and high heeled, spike heeled shoes.

I soon had to go for the wedding.

But the guide insisted we walk, and we were soon in a bad neighborhood.

It started to rain, and at one point she dashed across the traffic lights, and I got separated from her.

Instead, I got to the outskirts of Mandalay, and ran into a group of people who were quite friendly, but at one point someone tried to kidnap me by holding me by my shoes.

However, the crowd prevented that.

I had a long conversation with them, including why their language was so bad, for I had known, I said, that Mandalay was noted for its language and culture.

At one point we saw a vendor of water lilies, and when I said I liked the bright pink ones, the vendor gave me one big bunch, which I held against my chest, so it made a big wet stain on my white dress.

They got me to the outside of the big new church, and I walked around on the outside of the exposed brick structure.

The people said it was called Saint Victoria something or the other.

I said it did not worry me what it was called or where I was married, but I was glad they had a great big church.

Finally, I got to the altar.

I must have been asleep, because someone said something to me.

I opened my eyes, and it turned out to be the bridegroom who looked as if he was 24 or 25.

He said, Wake up.  Wake up for me.

I said, You don't know how old I am.  I don't think I can do this.  When the pastor asks, Will up etc. take this man for your lawful wedded husband, I am going to say No.

And that will be the end of it.

I was still holding the big wet bunch of water lilies.

He said, It hardly matters, so long as you keep telling me stories.  I heard you have a lot of stories to tell.

I asked who made the wedding arrangements.  I said I did not care who made the arrangements, so long as it was his big fat uncle.  I said I did not like big fat uncle whose gut had burst as he did not eat enough roughage.

The bridegroom said he made the wedding arrangements himself.

I said, But I don't need anything so elaborate.

I was married on the lawn the first time, and only wore ordinary clothes.

He said, But I wanted you to have everything.

This was after I found out some cronies, cronies of cronies and cronies of cronies of cronies, all had TB and maybe HIV too.

I thought, what is the use of being so rich, if your body is riddled with disease?

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