Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ex-monk U Gambira of 2007 Saffron Revolution fame, Burma, sentenced to hard labor--

If it is not a deal between the junta and the NLD, as Veronica Pedrosa thinks, it is certainly an attempt to discredit the "new administration." Since U Gambira was initially arrested in Jan 2016 on charges of illegally crossing the border, this plot was probably on junta's books since then, and he was sentenced to hard labor only now.

Remember Yettaw the Mormon who swam to Daw Suu's house?

Junta knew about that too and let it go on.

In any case, it's an attempt to show who is still the boss.

I say junta for purposes of clarity

junta junta junta

Burma Burma Burma--

I think journalists should stop saying things like "newly democratic Burma."

It is not.

They just put a facade "admin" in place.

As one visitor to this blog says poetically,

"All puppets, all the same, but this puppet dances prettier" (than Baldy Admin." Certainly nicer clothes and some hair.

yoke thay chinn tu too

dee yoke thay ka tar ka

po hla tair.