Sunday, April 17, 2016

The teak trees have become lamboghinis--poem by KMKaung

The teak trees have become lamborghinos
the friends of Burma have become friends of em
the businessmen have become cronies

drug money has been washed
the country has been prostituted

the broadcasters continue
their bump and grind routine

freedom has flown out of a hole in the wall
accompanied by so-called democracy
in the nominally civilian government

real civilian government
lame duck with wings clipped.

Poor duck waiting to be steamed pekinged

in the triple boiler

baked underground process
wrapped in banana and coconut

the people are still rejoicing

not knowing

like 1988

they've lost


and again

and again.

Daw Suu will die endlessly campaigning

and proving herself.

How many times?

Bright Sun only threatens once

when the army shoots

it shoots to kill.

In 2007, Kenji Nagaii's hands held his camera up a few seconds
then he fell on his side and died
street side.

The soldier poked at him with a stick?  Like checking a dead dog.

Who gave the order.

The soldier has never been court martialed.

Japan hardly kicked up a fuss.

In 1988, Ko Phone Maw was shot

Win Maw Oo and many others were shot

in 1962 many were shot

at the port many were shot.

As recently as 2 years ago

Ko Par Gyi was shot

shot shot shot

hit hit hit

Don't cry Ma Nandar--

Diamond Diamond is wearing
a yellow robe


The real power
resides in the barrel of a gun

resides in a big government
with a big army
and no internal enemies or external

except invented.

The weather vanes dither around

and spin widely.

The earth shook wildly

in 3 countries

Burma Japan Ecuador.

The shake got harder.

In all the stories
the earth opened up
and swallowed

all the bad guys
and gals

but it seems

only in the stories.


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