Friday, August 19, 2016

Announcing new Facebook or unFacebook policy--by KMK

FB is not panning out for me and is causing more problems, through the cloned account, than it is worth.

True, it allowed me to re-connect with old friends and form an online artistic and writerly, and political community of sorts, and my "friend base" is larger, I can communicate faster and on a daily basis with friends--

but this --about 1500 "friends" is about the largest # I need or want.

Spending too much time on the internet makes my eyes red and my head ache.

ZYX's wife was right and although one in 7 people on this globe use FB, it also causes a lot of divorces.

In economic language, the benefits are not worth the cost, including the opportunity cost (the time wasted, by not doing other things that are more worth doing, such as sleeping or reading a book, or writing)--so I will be on it less.

Also the marginal returns are not worth the marginal benefit, which is becoming negative--

more problems from trying to solve one--e.g. the cloned FB site.

Also, it causes security issues with "friends" who may not even be real human beings, maybe SLORC spies, maybe dummies or dummy sites or malware putting in sites or phishing sites.

So bye bye birdie,

I will check it once a day like regular email

and post 1 or 2 items a day, but not much one on one wrangling or tangling--

I already feel better.

After all I don't get on FB for days when I am out of town, but I don't tell you where I am or when I am leaving or returning.

It's been a good ride, like most things in my life.

For the true friends, I thank you for your friendship.

Social media and me--

Image--NY Met--Siddhatha leaving--

photo KMKaung--educational use.

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