Saturday, August 13, 2016

From my Facebook--Please do not invite me to like--BBC Burmese--

Pl DO NOT--put me into closed groups without my explicit consent.

I know it was done out of good will or whatever--but I DO NOT LIKE BBC Burmese--

I don't like the women who runs the place, have never listened to their programs, and moreover, in the years 1997-2001 when this women was working in the same gas air as I, she tried to back stab and front stab me several times--

Therefore I am boycotting BBC Burmese for life.

As for the other groups, you still have to ask me first.

BBC Burmese woman also hired a man accused of human rights abuses on the Burma-China border, and not just by one victim.  And not just your garden variety abuse.

Therefore I consider her a junta plant, just like her predecessor kkm.  (not related to me in any way.)

Next time ask first, OK??

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