Monday, August 01, 2016

Excellent BBC series on Tamil Genocide--warning graphic--

BBC Tamil documentary--Bandaranaike was terrible, and reminds me of some British trained snobs--small wonder he was assassinated. At the same time he played to the majority crowds, without, it is said, being able to speak even one sentence of Singhalese.

I've met these sorts of people too, but some were not politicians or active politically, or realized their deficiency in adulthood and learned their native language.

I want Burmese to watch this series because many things are like Burma--the British legacy, the race divides, and also--guess--the Burmese military went to "study" the Tamil genocide and connect U Wirathu the racist monk, with Singhalese monks.

At the same time, they deny someone like Daw Thissawadi to be ordained as a female monk (NOT a nun) in Ceylon.

And why do I say Ceylon? Same reason I say Burma and because my Tamil friends do.