Friday, August 05, 2016

Nothing will come of nothing

Quote of the day--

Nothing will come of nothing.

Shakespeare, King Lear.

King Lear gave away his kingdom and his power to the 2 daughters who flattered him, leaving only a personal bodyguard of 100?
Eventually, he lost all, including his sanity for a short time. Only the court jester stayed near him. The good youngest daughter Cordelia also died. The 2 others killed each other in their endless plots.

See also Akiro Kurasawa's Ran where the daughters are transformed into sons, but Kurasawa said it is based on a Japanese story. It could be so.

In any case, the copyrights on Shakespeare's work would have long expired, or there were no copyrights in his day.

Both are masterpieces, and Shakespeare, like the opera maestro Puccini for one, got his plots from elsewhere.

Life and Art.

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