Sunday, February 25, 2018

Finally, DJT allows release of redacted Minority/Democrat/Adam Schiff Memo in response to Nunes "nothing burger." Nunes memo made false claims against DOJ, FBI, FISA warrant, Steele and Steele dossier, and Peter Strok (sp?) and Lisa Page (not related to Carter Page). It’s not possible to copy and paste the complete text of above, but— 1. Carter Page was approached by Russian spies for recruitment, made a trip to Moscow where he gave a keynote speech at a Russian institution of higher learning, and 2. FBI found Carter Page suspicious even before he joined Trump campaign as an advisor. 3. Bruce Ohr is unfairly thrown into the narrative by Nunes. 4. Peter Strok (sp?) and Lisa Page emails “criticizing Trump” also criticized a wide range of people of all political stripes and so is just another red herring pulled out of a hat by T. and has no relevance to Carter Page’s FISA warrant. KMK: Just an attempt by T. to undermine the Mueller investigation and create a distraction and “side issue” of trivia. Besides, the emails were private and between 2 individuals. However, months ago, Mueller/FBI did take action, demoting? Peter Strok (sp?) and Lisa Page left the Mueller team? Or resigned from FBI? Of her own accord. KMK: Nunes and Trmp sycophants including Fox News, made a big hoopla about Nunes “nothing burger” memo a week ahead, but when it was released, it was something of a non-event and anti-climax. In case of Nunes memo, T. declassified it and released it at once. In case of Schiff/Democrat memo, he at first blocked it, and it is only being released now after items, parts of sentences, which might endanger security of FBI operations are blocked out (redacted). In any case, it is quite clear that Nunes memo was a “make up job” and T. did wrong by blocking the Minority counter-memo. As President he should be above party politics, but he is not. 2-25-2018