Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Sam Nunberg to Ari Melber- on MSNBC-"Yes, they were all lying." published 2-20-2018 accessed 2-21-2018 Not exact transcript. Ari Melber—Mueller is making progress, now 4 charged. 4 Sam Nunberg was . . . mentioned in Michael Wolf’s book (19 times? Inaudible) “I am worried about Michael Cohen. (Trmp lawyer “has been screwed by Trump.”) “Trump screws everyone— Ari Melber plays old clips in which Kellyanne Conway, Mike Pence and Trump lie about Russia. -- Ari on The Beat: Have the investigators called you? Are you co-operating? Nunberg quibbled, then said, “Look, Donald Trump caused this investigation.” Ari Melber asks if it was due to Comey firing— Nunberg said something like he agrees with Comey firing. “But one day later he gives an interview to Lester Holt that he fired Comey because of the Russia thing. “Then the next day, and I don’t know why his advisors allowed it, he had the Russians come (he allowed Lavrov and Kisslyak ) into the oval office. Ari: Was that the right move? Nunberg: No! Not at all. Look, I don’t know if the leaks are correct, but he should not have done this. – Ari: You know these people (in the WH), you worked with them. Let me read you a NYTs report: Flashed on screen, quote— NYTS Headline-- Tools of Trump’s Fixer: Payouts, Intimidation and the Tabloids by Jim Rutenberg, Maggie Haberman et al. ‘Mr Cohen heading off trouble involving Mr T’s history with women, accruing loyalty points, the ultimate currency with Mr T.’ Ari: Do you worry? Cross talk-- Nunberg: “I worry about Michael(Cohen). Ari: Look, I ask the Q, you give the answer. Ari: Do you worry that Michael Cohen in his loyalty, may lie for Trump in such a way that it hurts him? Nunberg repeats: I worry about Michael. I’m not saying Michael is going to lie, but I worry about Michael. I can tell you this, whenever I get a call from someone saying ‘I’ve been screwed by Donald Trump, and by the way, he’s screwed a lot of people. Ari Melber: hmm hmm Nunberg: He screws everyone. . . And, what I worry about is what Michael will say when he’s called in by someone like Andrew Weismann Ari: He’s a Mueller investigator. And Mueller has been charging people for lying. Nunberg: I do think Weisman has a problem. Ari: I appreciate your candor but let me—but let me ask you something else. The WH today is saying he’s tough on Russia. Nunberg: No, he’s not. I’m a supporter of Israel—there is no bigger supporter of Iran than Vladimir Putin. Ari plays old clips from during the 2016 campaign days— Trump saying—gesturing as usual like he’s talking to fools: ‘I believe that an easing of tensions with Russia from a position of strength only, is possible. (But his body language in Europe when meeting Putin face to face the first time? belies this. He was sucking up to Putin, hopping places at mostly empty dinner table and chatting WITH NO ONE ELSE present within earshot--kmk). Clip—Pence: head down, ‘we hope for better days’ -- Ari: Campaign went around saying there were no meetings (with Russians)—take a look. George Stephanopolis interviewing Paul Manafort: GS: Are there any ties between Mr T, you and your campaign and Putin’s regime? Manafort, smiling: No, (inaudible) it’s absurd. Next clip: Interviewer—did anyone (in the campaign have any ties with Russia) Heavily made up Kellyanne Conway, shaking head and smiling, ‘Absolutely not.’ Next clip, Pence on Fox News Channel: (shaky head, straight face): I can tell you all the contacts of the Trump Campaign were with the American people. Ari: Were they lying? Or was it a mistake? Nunberg: I have never met Paul Manafort . . . but I respect him. But that doesn’t mean I respect Kellyanne or the VP. “Yes, they were all lying.”