Monday, June 11, 2018

Fascinating book (partly about) birth of VOA (Voice of America)

Fascinating book, birth of VOA stumbled on by accident but reminds me a lot of Birth of RFA (Radio Free Asia) where I was 1 year (1997) after it was formed--unfortunately, after I was pushed out 2001 because my programs were popular in Burma, it has become a corrupt monster. But no one knows because no one cares to check what they are saying, incld calling Rohingya "Bengali Muslims." well, not my problem now, waste of taxpayer money. I was never in the accounts section and don't know their budget. Like RGH (Rangoon General Hospital) which was built of laterite, and had tetanus in the walls, my cousin's friend a doctor said, "It would be better to bomb the whole thing and build a new hospital." If you don't understand what I am saying, interview me and write an article and place it somewhere, but I won't waste time explaining via email. I was just looking for Howard Fast, that's all. VOA and RFA are not the same, I never worked at VOA and I don't know anything about it except that dispatches are still written centrally as Fast did, and then translated into all the languages, at least that's what I read some time ago on their website, but some country specific items must be produced in house, such as when they interviewed me about my art show. Kmk 6-11-2018 Kyi May Kaung Words Sounds and Images