Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Pompeo grilled in Hearing with Senate Foreign Relations Com-live As far as I heard, Pompeo was asked 2 Qs about Rohingya crisis in Burma, and also if "N. Korea understands de-nuclearization according to our definition." As you would expect, P. did not answer most of the Qs, and tried to distance "policy" from Trump's tweeted statements, which were read out to him by the Senators. Pompeo said he did not talk (afterwards)to the Helsinki US interpreter (Maris Gross, State Dept employee), but "spoke with (Russian Foreign Minister) Lavrov (the guy who visited Oval Off day after Comey was fired, with Kislyak) Disclaimer, I only heard the last few minutes of the Hearing, as did not turn on TV till then. Looking for transcript. k 7-25-2018