Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Food--NPR--green jackfruit not yet the new coconut water.

I would totally have believed it was pulled pork, but maybe that's because I don't eat pork so I have no expectations. I thought the dish was chewy in a good way and very flavorful. I brought some into work and asked people to sample and weigh in. "It tastes and looks like meat," said a guy who described his palate as "not very discerning." NPR I've seen the green j fruit in cans in Asian groceries for donkey's years, but since I really didn't like it in Burma when it was fresh, never bought over here. BTW, the seeds are tasty boiled or roasted, somewhat like chestnuts. I had a nice green j fruit salad in Bali, SE Asian style, a few hours after I got off the plane. My ex sis in law used to make green j fruit curry. J fruit on whole is rather indigestible, and I felt sick after eating one $5 slice of ripe J fruit about 2 years ago, so I have stopped eating or craving it. Was just a closure sort of thing, and I've had my "closure" from about a dozen trips to Thailand, Singapore and Bali 2001-2010, where I got all the tropical fruit I remembered. There were the wild vegetables, edible flowers, and leaves too. Like noni (ywet yoe ywet) leaves. Or the flower buds mare-za-lee buds soup. After a while the memory may be better than the reality. I think of my mother and my elder uncle craving things like croissants and apples in Burma, which they knew from the Colonial period, and not being able to have them due to the socialist economy. It's all in my novel Wolf wh I am bringing out soon. km 2-6-2019