Sunday, September 29, 2019

I am reading Andrew McCabe's excellent book, The Threat.

It should be read in conjunction with Comey's A Higher Loyalty.  Note, Comey did not say a different loyalty, but a HIGHER loyalty.

With tRump's firing of these 2 excellent professionals, they have bestselling books, but America has lost 2 excellent professionals who did their job well.

McCabe describes his time with Mueller and Eric Holder, in contrast to Sessions, who lost his temper and saw everything through lenses of "immigration", of tRump's ignoring of Daily Presidential Briefs, again in contrast to Obama Administration.

Sessions often asked "Where's he from?"  i.e. which country.

McCabe says FBI did not keep records on where people are from.

When told, "We don't know."

Sessions would go, "Where's his father from?"

--I am still reading, but I will keep you posted.



 Robert Mueller at FBI Farewell in 2013.

 Comey 2017
McCabe 2018