Sunday, January 06, 2008

Return to business as usual in "Myanmar?" Jan. 08 Update.

I am re-posting this interview with BBC Hardtalk from early October 2007, so that Burma Watchers like me can assess what has happened and what has not 3 months later --

1. ASEAN back slid. As a cartoon by the brilliant Harn Lay of Irrawaddy -- see

depicts, the Burmese junta, the bad guy of the group, yelled "Yahoo!" and pulled all the other ASEAN members down the slippery slope with them.

2. The sanctions by the USA have been very focussed and very effective.

3. India is changing its tune and is no longer going to sell arms to Burma.

4. On the human rights front the arrests and oppression of the Burmese people, including monks, continues. There is widespread worry especially for Ashin Gambira, the monks' leader, and other political prisoners. With the exception of Amnesty International, activists are not very active on this.

5. The international media has moved on to Pakistan.

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