Thursday, January 08, 2015

Maori Haka Dancers of the World Unite--A Poem by Kyi May kaung

Maori Haka Dancers of the World Unite.

(mostly in Burmese)

sit pwe ma kyinn pa hmee
htoe say hta pya
sharr htoke pya

let thee let maung tann pyee
myet lone pyuu pya

Sit myay pyin ma yauk hmee

htoe say hta pya

Descendents of Hercules and Vajrapani, the blue skinned warrior, Buddha's Bodyguard with his thunderbolt weapon and his necklace of bleached skulls--

May your tattoed faces and thighs
chests and arms
your stuck out blue tongues
your war chants


the dreams and nightmares
of the evil doers and mongers

May it drive them crazy, causing them to jump to their deaths, commit suicide, be convicted by the International Criminal Court.

(Thanks to Burmese singer Daw Mar Mar Aye, for sharing the video clip)

Kyi May Kaung

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