Saturday, January 03, 2015

My novel Wolf--out soon--

out soon--
Mothi Awe Goke, student activist, flees the junta's agents on 18th September 1988 when the military government of Burma begins it crackdown, which continues for decades.

For a short time he hides in an outhouse, but comes out on the street that runs past Scott Market.
He is recognized and he runs out onto the main street.
A girl driving a white Mercedes stops and rescues him.
She keeps him hidden in one of her houses for a few days.
But she also wishes to exact a price from him.
When she sends him off on his way, she is pregnant with his child.

Wolf is the story of one man's struggle to be true to himself, his family, his beliefs and his country.
Follow Mothi from the world's capital cities to its slums.
Meet the men, and especially the women in his life.

A stranger girl only four feet tall, who supports him publicly for the first time in his life.

His mother, a member of the old rich.

His father, an army sergeant.

His uncle, a tank corps commander, trained in Fort Knox, Kentucky.

His aunt, a medical doctor.

His uncle Korea.

A famous freedom fighter poet, Naing Win Swe.

And his women, Felicity Harwood, and Thuzar, the mother of his son Jason.

Be repulsed by his brief encounters with the dictator Bright Sun, the communist ideologues Ba Nyein and Chit Hlaing.

Experience the mass shootings of 1962, 1967 and 1988.

Feel the love and betrayals that keep Mothi going till the surprise ending.

KM Kaung

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