Friday, January 16, 2015

My review of movie--The Imitation Game--

What I did on this relatively warm day of 42 F--
actually it was COLD and I wore my warmest clothing and hat, shoes.

Selma was not screened when I got to the theatre.

So I saw this, which I give 5 out of 5 stars, in the sense that there is no way it can be made better--

I liked the fact that it kept to its 1950s period, no steamy sex scenes at all of either homosexual or heterosexual variety.

About the middle, I thought it might be a mix of Enigma and the first computer Eniac, but it seems not.

There actually was an Alan Turing and it is historical fiction.

Read the wiki above to see how well promoted it has been--in a very thoughtful manner and on the right platforms, with people like Mark Zuckerburg at the initial screening.

I also thought the acting, casting, clothes, scenes, photography, music, all excellent.

Also the writing and narrating and the Movietone clips of Churchill's actual voice.

Both actors who played the young and the adult Turing were excellent.

Because it is historical fiction and we more or less know the Enigma story already, as well as in general about British boarding schools and homosexuality,

there were not many surprises--

The flashbacks were short and tied in seamlessly, e.g. via a knock on the door--

and the music, said to have been written in 3 weeks, lovely, especially when the music kicks in with the beat of the machine "Christopher"

but the detective --it was not clear that it was in the 50s after the end of the War--

--good change in Clarke character aging and fashions changing from 1946-1950.

now after reading the wiki--

I see where some loose ends in the script were left hanging ever so slightly--

1.  cyanide--at start of the story.
2.  apples.

Even just before I read the wiki--I thought Turing must have committed suicide with cyanide, and for someone of his IQ, it would not have been difficult.

The scene near the end when he can no longer do crossword puzzles is excellent.

All shown through his hands in close up.

"Maybe later," (I will do them.)

Wikipedia article says in reality he committed suicide with an apple laced with cyanide.

--I thought Imitation Game was some sort of sci fi, as when I asked the clerk at the register, she pointed to a booklet, and said, "read that"--she did not even get off the phone when selling me my ticket.

I am so glad I went to see it.

Also I am going to watch more movies this Winter, and I am going to look for and read the movie script.

Some of the movies on my list

Best Exotic Marigold Hotel--
Black or White and
'71, about Belfast.

And my new column will be called

Dr. K goes to the movies.

Stay tuned.

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