Monday, January 19, 2015

Red poppy who sings like an angel--

One of the best treats of my life has been music.

From the old His Masters Voice record playing Elizabeth Schuman singing Ave Maria, to my time in the USA, where I have seen too few operas, only Orfeo (Orpheus), Hansel and Gretal by Englebert Humperdink (the original musician, not the later eponymous singer)

and The Magic Flute at the Univ of Boulder, CO, where my dear friend who had known Langston Hughes invited me.

And I was so rude to hurry off as soon as intermission not yet over as I could not miss Oh Isis and Osiris, that beautiful aria/prayer.

I looked for 2015 New Year's Eve concert with Vienna Philharmonic, but the commentary was in German and I preferred English, so--
This one is fantastico, with Herbert von Karajan and his idiosyncratic conducting style, Kathleen Battle looking like a red poppy who sings like an angel, and the Lippizaners.

I've seen the Disney movie featuring the Lippizaner Spanish Riding School--and saw them live in Las Vegas --poor hot overworked horses, when my marriage was falling apart and I was hot and unhappy too.

It comes about 15 minutes into the Youtube.

I liked the entire program and the commentary by Walter Cronkite is also great.

Kyi May Kaung1-19-2015

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