Saturday, February 21, 2015

Blog post--Korean grocer

Flash fiction by KMKaung.

Snowing outside at least for last 2 hours.
Some of flakes were dancing as they came down,
falling steadily and heavily.
Cannot grocery shop again, but bought some items from convenience store downstairs.
Dish-washing liquid, cashew nuts, potato chips, coconut water.

Chatted with Korean shop owner.

Me:  How is your Diabetes?
He:  Umm
Me:  I like your shop.  You have everything.
He:  A little of everything.  (To maintenance people) Shall I move some things for you?
Me:  How often do you shop?
He:  Umm, not so often now.  I used to go 3 times a week.  Now about once a week.
We are not as busy as people think.
Me:  Where do you store it?  At home?
He:  No here, (points to store room at back).
Me:  Well, at least you are still here.

(I think of Korean couple at the food court where I used to eat sushi.  Once the lady asked me to sign a letter recommending her shop--she was about to lose it, and I did draft and sign a letter for her. 

Once she was rolling sushi and her pretty attendant dabbed her forehead with a piece of tissue.  But--on one day when she was not there, I saw her husband flirting with the girl.  Shortly after they lost their space and went somewhere.  But they were a nice couple.  When they saw me crossing the street, they would blare the horn of their  white SUV.  I even gave her some foundation makeup that I was unable to use, and that was almost new.  I can't use that kind of makeup that comes in a bottle and covers all my pores, because it makes me very hot and I get a headache.)

Me:  (To shopkeeper downstairs) Are you eating less noodles and rice?

He:  Asian, what do you think?  (He shakes his head, shows me how much he eats, in a big bowl.)

Me:  No, no.  (Leaving with 4 items)--You are still very young, take good care of yourself.

Young man grins at me.


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