Sunday, March 01, 2015

Excerpt from Institute of Economics, Rangoon, alt edition--

Excerpt from upcoming Let the Shit Fly with the Flowers:  Essays from Institute of Economics, Rangoon--

which I am editing.

Since it is an alt-edition, I decided to include some of the s- h- i- t, but only I am responsible for it.

The other contributors sent very nice pieces, thank you.

Here is an excerpt from one piece contributed by Daw Khin Khin Thein, who studied at the famous LSE or London School of Economics.

"However, the purpose now being to honor the near-centenary Economics Department initially under Rangoon University, I shall outline only my teachers in Economics at the Social Science Institute under the University of Rangoon which preceded the autonomous university of the Institute of Economics, established in 1964 (after the military coup of 1962 by General Ne Win).

Khin Khin Thein

I added the parenthesis--kmk

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