Saturday, March 07, 2015

Note to my story Red Pigeon, coming soon --

Note to my short story, Red Pigeon, coming soon--

I wrote this after being obliged to keep this unusual dream in my head for 2 full days, as at the time I had a highly stressful job in international radio on M St. in Washington, DC.   I even shared this story at work with my colleague, writer/artist/musician/former movie director, U Win Pe, and he said, “Why Sayama (Teacher), this dream is a complete short story already.”  So I wrote it down when my off days came around.  The night I had this dream, I was walking along M Street after work, when I saw a group of about 4 or 5 office workers, staring over the 3 foot fence, at something on the grass.  It turned out to be an ordinary grey pigeon, with its beak canted over on the lawn, obviously dying.  I watched a while, then went on to the Metro or subway station at Dupont Circle.  I did not know how to provide first aid to a dying bird.


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