Friday, March 13, 2015

Glowing review by Mya Win of KM Kaung's novella FGM--

 I just read your novella FGM and loved it.  It said volume 2 so I was wondering if there volume 1 that I did not know about?  (No, # refers to novellas)
    In the Western world, I heard and read about this FGM, but never had I come across anyone who brought forth (fiction) about this, as it still happens in several countries.  FGM is to point out the violation of women's human rights.
    In my own experience while I was in Saudi Arabia for business two years ago (yes wearing a burka covering from head to toe) and hijab to cover my head. Security guard in the office, came to me and pointed me to the back of the room (in Arabic) and I realized that I did not belong in the front of the office. I needed to go to a special room where all the ladies hung out. I felt I was a second class citizen and was so fed up that I did not even go out to eat as 1) I had to put the whole costume each time,  2) I needed to be accompanied by a man (husband or relative) Luckily, my cab had dark windows, when the driver came to pick me up at the airport.

    I felt the same way where men had privileges to act and do anything they wanted and got away with it in that culture. I  experienced it myself.

Your book was intense, bold and very interesting - the reason I'd wanted to read it in the first place.

I liked the way you conveyed FGM  through the eyes Dr. Aset as an educated professional.  Ramesh' life was a series of convoluted relationships among his family members, including incest and I was not sure how it ended.  Is there a sequel to this?  (No, not now).
    I know other readers will find this story as intriguing as I did.

Good job and keep on writing.

Review by Mya Win

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