Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paris attacks --analysis--KMKaung

4 hours ago ISIS claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks.
Gatwick Airport in UK was evacuated due to a package scare.
The statement from ISIS is in French--

I only ever had 4 months of basic French lessons in 1967 or so. No, 1962, as I remember U Chit Hlaing teaching on 7th July, and he was so rattled (because he knew in advance there would be shooting) that he spoke of his gods--"isms"

(of course he is a well known communist or socialist and author of Burmese Way to Socialism)

anyway, from what I can read--

ISIS doc is couched in very "religious" terms and uses the terminology of the Crusades, mentioning the Caliphate, and praising Allah.

It says 8? brothers targeted specially chosen target and spoke of France trembling in its shoes and says this will be only the first.

Scary, non?

It says something like these are places where French-----

anyway, the site that posted says an English translation will be out soon.

Vigils in cities all over the world and one attacker was identified by finger prints on corpse--known to French police, so maybe attacks partly home grown.

Commentary says this shows "an increase of capability" to carry out large scale attacks--statement says it is retaliation for Fr bombing of Syria.

Sad thing is Poland is already saying it is closing its borders to refugees, while we know that the refugees are victims of Asad and ISIS.

True some terrorists may sneak in (it is a known fact that many Nazis got in, and there are LOTS of Burmese junta sympathizers new and old--among them Col CM)


it is truly wrong to target real refugees who have nowhere else to go, and it is unlikely a refugee will take up arms (at least not immediately) and shoot at country that gave them refuge.

As my pol sci prof the late Henry Teune used to say (of people power) "they can't even stand up."

Well, I bid you Peace and pl remember, the Paris attackers were not also the Rohingya of Burma, forced out to sea or held to fester in internal concentration camps (progroms) by the regime.

That is why I wish you all to read and why Ma Ba Tha the "buddhist" extremist group is so dangerous in Burma.