Saturday, April 01, 2017

Rachel Maddow interviews former FBI agent Clinton Watts

Clinton Watts:

Russns would make up a fake story (2016) such as Turkish airport had nuclear—for a Benghazi style attack

This wld be put out simultaneously by outlets such as Russia Today and Sputnik News (Russian) and within minutes would go through “grey sites” and then using hashtags such as

Nuclear, Benghazi, Trump and bots to--

To get to Trump (earlier, in Senate Hearing, Clinton Watts said Russians did this at peak Twitter time volumes, when they knew T would be on line.)

The synchronicity is the problem.

And opportunistic factor.

Why would (T) use “info” he knew to be false?  Using Russian propaganda while declaring “America First” is not acting in best interest of America, while refusing American intelligence (from 7 agencies, and saying he does not need daily briefings.)

With respect to the Turkish airport fake news item, it was debunked by FBI on -- (Clinton Watts gave date)

But Manafort continued using it during the campaign as his talking point.


Notes written up 4-1-2017 from link above.


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