Saturday, April 01, 2017

Youtube from 3-31-2017--Trump holds ceremony signing exec orders, leaves without signing almost immediately--

maybe the last nail has already been driven in his--

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Josh Simpson
The slumped shoulders. The hunched back. The brief statement with no questions. The sad defeated look on his face. Either his daughter refused to put out last night, or he is a broken man. All of the trying to fuck his daughter jokes aside, he knows his days are numbered, and that the only thing he will be able to blame all of his failures on after that, is himself. 70 years of being taught that you can never be wrong, all crashing down on this asshole at once, and it is possible the most beautiful thing I have seen. Ah impeachment karma!
Jonathan Blaze
Actually his daughter did put out last night. It's just she refused to give him a blowjob first.

Josh Simpson ok fag

Then It said
Damn is he depressed

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